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Apply to Tekniksprånget

Here we've gathered all the information you may need to feel confident in your application

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When can you apply for Tekniksprånget?

The internship takes place both spring and autumn. You apply 16 April-6 May for internships in autumn and 16 Oct-6 Nov for spring.

To be eligible to apply, you must have a high school diploma from the Natural, Technology or Economics programme. You can also have a high school diploma from the international baccalaureate or studied a technical foundation year after graduation.

You must be a maximum of 21 years old when you apply, but we have a few exceptions.

If, for example, if you graduate from high school when you are older than 20 because you recently immigrated, have completed military service, completed a technical foundation year or for personal reasons have had to re-study for a year or take a study break, it is still possible to study for a year. Tekniksprånget. Email tspraktikant@iva.se and you will receive instructions on how to register and apply. 

The salary is SEK 18,182/month. The salary level for 2024 has been agreed upon between the employers' organisation Teknikföretagen and the trade unions Unionen and the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers. 

Ready to apply?

Here's how: 

  1. Register an account in the application portal

  2. Go to "Apply here" via your account. There you can see all the internships offered for the upcoming semester; Which company it is at, which location and you can read about what the internship will include for each place.

  3. Create an application for each internship you are interested in. You can create 15 applications per semester and mark 3 of them as favorites. 

The applications are not in order of priority and employers cannot see if you have applied to others.

We recommend that you apply as many people as possible to increase your chances of being accepted. If an employer you have applied to is interested in your application, they will contact you themselves via email and phone for an interview.

If you are offered an internship by several different companies, you choose which of them you want to say yes to.


Ready to apply for Tekniksprånget?

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citat tecken

What can an engineer do at an insurance company? It turned out to be very exciting! Through Tekniksprånget, I have been able to see how broad and useful an engineering education is.

Pontus, intern at IF
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Help with application and CV

Do you want to submit internship applications but don't know how to write in the application and in your CV? We've got you covered!


Questions and Answers

Do you have questions about the application process? How to calculate merit points, GPAs or how to write a cover letter? 

Visit our page for questions and answers!