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Participate as an employer

Join us in strengthening your own and the whole of Sweden's skills supply. Through Tekniksprånget, you can develop new leaders and meet the next generation of engineers in fun and inspiring ways.

Three people working over a workbench, one of them appears to be painting on a blueprint

Sweden needs more engineers

The need for technical skills has never been greater, and the competition for engineers is intensifying. In order to cope with future challenges and recruitment needs, more young people need to choose a higher technical education.

Tekniksprånget is a paid internship program of four months that inspires and motivates more young people to apply for a higher technical education. Through the internship, they gain insight into what an engineer works with and a vision for their studies. The program is conducted every semester (fall/spring).

Since 2012, over 6000 young people have done internships through Tekniksprånget and half of them are women. We know today that Tekniksprånget gets more young people to apply for a higher technical education and motivates them to complete their studies to a greater extent than their classmates who have not completed Tekniksprånget.

Participate in Tekniksprånget

Why you should join

Strengthen your image as an employer while gaining access to new skills that stimulate innovation. Take an active social responsibility, influence young people's choices and have the opportunity to develop the leadership skills of your employees.


Screws in processor
citat tecken

To be without Tekniksprånget would be like losing an arm.

Andreas Bergström | Mycronic

Good to know:

  • Applications are due between 16 April – 6 May and
    16 October – 6 November.

  • Recruitment must take place before June 17 and December 17.

  • The internship starts January/February and August/September. Digital supervisor introductions take place in January and August.

  • The salary level for 2024, which has been agreed upon between employers' organisations and trade unions, is SEK 18 182/ month from 1 April 2024. Employers who do not have a collective agreement are expected to comply with the prevailing wage level.

  • Unless otherwise stated in the contract between the intern and the employer, the Annual Leave Act applies. If the trainee does not take annual leave, it is recommended that holiday pay is paid at the end of the employment.

Share your participation!

Spread the investment in Tekniksprånget in your channels. It creates both awareness of your commitment and internal pride among your employees. We are happy to help and disseminate interviews with interns and share posts on social media. The media has shown a great interest in the project so please contact us or your local media if you want publicity.

Also, don't forget that you can present your interns and supervisors on your intranet.