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Out on the internship

How does the internship work? It can look very different depending on what industry you are in, which employer you work for and how much you want to do. Here you can read more about what life as a technology leaper can look like.

Three people look at a small machine.

Your internship

What you are allowed to do can vary depending on which employer you are accepted to, which department and project you will be involved in, and what the safety requirements are in the workplace. See our program guide below for more info on how the internship can be structured.

You will be assigned a supervisor, if you are several Tekniksprångare at the same workplace, there is a good chance that you will get the same supervisor. This person acts as your contact person and support throughout the internship. 

Tekniksprånget is not a practice where you "just" shadow an employee and get some tasks. The goal is for you to get as good and comprehensive a picture of the engineering profession at your workplace as possible and to participate in real projects. If you think that your tasks are too few or not sufficiently stimulating, talk to your supervisor in the first instance. Maybe there is a project that needs an extra hand or other departments and roles where you can be involved?

Create your network

A smart way to use the internship is to build a network. Meet others who are doing Tekniksprånget the same semester, make study visits to each other's workplaces, meet at an AW or why not make a school visit together! Join this semester's Facebook group that we at Tekniksprånget created for you to easily get in touch with each other.

If you don't already have a LinkedIn account, you can create one and connect with colleagues at the workplace for future contacts and references.


If you start your internship but then choose to cancel it for various reasons, please let us know via email tspraktikant@iva.se.


Hej Tekniksprångare!

I foldern Hej Tekniksprångare! kan du läsa mer om hur du får ut det mesta av praktiken. Alla tekniksprångare får den på arbetsplatsen men du kan också ladda ner den här.