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What Does a Biomedical Engineer Do?

Working and studying to become a biomemedical lodgernjör

A biomedical engineer combines knowledge in both medicine and technology to develop innovative solutions in healthcare and medical technology. This may involve the design and development of medical devices, treatment systems, prosthodontics and otheradvanced medical devices. Biomedical engineers often work closely with physicians, scientists, and other health careexperts to improve patient care and diagnostic methods.  

Study biomedicine

The biomedical engineering programme  is usually a master's degree in engineering that lasts for about five years. There may also be specialized master's programs that take two years for those who already have an undergraduate degree in engineering or science.

Courses in biomedicine are offered at many technical universities in Sweden, for example: 

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Chalmers University of Technology
Faculty of Engineering, Lund University
Linköping University
Umeå University