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Amanda chose the construction industry

The construction industry is facing a major recruitment need and needs to attract more women in order to achieve the government's gender equality goals. Skanska is one of several construction companies participating in Tekniksprånget and is helping more young people to see the opportunities of engineering in the construction sector. When Amanda applied to Tekniksprånget, the choice of internship was easy. She wanted to try her hand at engineering at Skanska.

"I've always been interested in architecture and construction. The construction industry is also evolving with many innovative green solutions. It was therefore exciting to be able to get an insight into the work of an engineer at a large company like Skanska. In addition, I felt that Skanska had a good set of values that I could stand behind," says  Amanda Lönnqvist, 19.

Amanda interned at the Slussen project in Stockholm during the autumn and the tasks have been varied. She has been able to follow the process from idea to finished product and met engineers with different functions.

"They have given me confidence and allowed me to work with sharp tasks that feel meaningful. I have mainly worked with quality issues and kept track of various receipts and other documentation from concrete castings. I have also learned many digital tools. Working in 3D models is a lot of fun.

Has your view of the construction industry changed as a result of practice?

"I think a lot of people have prejudices about the construction industry, that the jargon is harsh and the climate is tough. The internship has given me a different picture. There is a great sense of community here at Skanska, and everyone I have met has been inclusive and happy to share their knowledge and experience. I have definitely got a good picture of the construction industry and could undoubtedly return in the future.

What do you think would make more young women want to pursue a career in construction?

" I think it's important to have initiatives and initiatives where you invite young women and showcase the activities. And that women in the industry are more visible and can convey their experiences through various forums or on social platforms. In this way, I believe that more women can be inspired to choose a career in construction.

What is your plan after Tekniksprånget? 

"  The plan is to start studying for a master's degree in engineering in the autumn. It's between design and product development or community building.