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Emre dreams of space

As a child, Emrecan Kizilirmak used to look at the stars with his father. But it wasn't enough to look. Now IVA's own technology leaper Emrecan "Emre" Kizilirmak is aiming to become an astronaut.

Emrecan Kizilirmak and Anna Hidalgo at SSC
Emre visits the labs at SSC

Tell us briefly about yourself.

"My name is Emrecan Kizilirmak, I'm 19 years old and I live in Fittja. I have always been interested in science. Much related to space, astrophysics and astronomy. Even the technology – rockets and satellites.

Where does the interest in space come from?

"I'm really curious. When I was a kid, I used to go out with my dad and look at the stars. It stuck with me and I wanted to explore and learn more about the unknown. What interests me is how the universe works. Now I'm studying astronomy so I know a little bit how physics works. It's very interesting but at the same time a bit fuzzy. The speed of light, for example. Nothing can go faster than that and you need to make diagrams of how space and time bend.

You're studying at the same time, where are you studying?

"I'm studying astronomy at Stockholm University.

Sounds like there's a lot to do?

"It is! I knew it would be a lot but I'm glad I do. It feels like a challenge. At the same time, I thought it would be fun to build spacecraft, so I started looking at courses with vehicle technology, mechanical engineering and the like. Just then, I received a mail about Tekniksprånget, so I applied.

Why did you choose Tekniksprånget at IVA?

"There's so much knowledge at ICU, so I hope to be able to make some contacts here and just learn.

The goal of all this then, where do you see yourself in ten years?

"My dream is to become an astronaut. The first time I said it to my mom she just said "how?", but it can be a fun challenge. I would like to create the vehicles of the future while exploring space.