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Frida wrote an article about gender equality

During her internship at Transdev, Frida Hafström had the opportunity to do a project on gender equality in the technology and transport industry. The work became an article that combines Frida's two interests: gender equality and technology.

Young girl standing and looking into the camera. She's in the middle of a sentence and looks serious.

In the autumn of 2022, Frida Hafström did her internship at Transdev in Stockholm. There she had the opportunity to see more of the technology and transport industry. 

"I've always been involved in gender equality issues and worked to even out the differences between the sexes," says Frida, looking into the camera. 

Among other things, Frida's internship led to an article, in which she investigated the difference between the sexes and what the gender distribution looks like in the higher technical education. She has also looked at the distribution and tasks between men and women in the technology industry. Her work shows the risks of a skewed gender distribution in the profession. 

"Common to almost all companies and organizations is the need for diversity and different perspectives. In order for a business to be able to understand and reflect the society in which it operates, it is required that several perspectives, experiences and competencies are represented and taken into account. It creates an inclusive and creative environment, and ensures that the target group is broadened. Since technology is ubiquitous and used by virtually everyone, the industry would benefit from more female perspectives," Frida writes in her article.

Here you can see the full video where Frida presents the work she did as a Technology Jumper at Transdev.

Below is also the article available for download. 

Jämställdhet inom teknik- och transportbranschen