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Why you should apply to Tekniksprånget

Three people working with a machine in a soundproof room

Don't know what you want to do after graduation? Have you ever wondered if engineering is for you? Not sure if 5 years of study is worth it?

There are many uncertainties when you are about to graduate from high school and are not really convinced of the way forward. Let Tekniksprånget be the guiding hand that helps you find the right path into the future. 

What do you get out of Tekniksprånget?

  • An opportunity to discover and try out the engineering profession with real tasks
  • The chance to build a network early in your career
  • Support and advice for creating an impressive CV
  • Knowledge and lessons learned from experienced engineers
  • An insight into what it's like to work
  • The opportunities available with different courses
  • Inspiration for the future 

Här kan du se vanliga arbetsuppgifter efter bransch

Två unga kvinnor står och arbetar med en maskin
citat tecken

Jag har aldrig varit lika motiverad och taggad som jag är nu. Tekniksprånget har fått mig att inse att med en ingenjörsutbildning är framtiden både ljus och rolig!

Freja, praktikant på LTU
Mentor watching her trainees experiment
citat tecken

I've never been as motivated and excited as I am now. The technology leap has made me realise that with an engineering education, the future is both bright and exciting

Freja, Tekniksprånget trainee at LTU