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Two interns who are helped with their project by a supervisor.

Register your interest and find out more about how Tekniksprånget can help you secure the skills of the future.

Discover how you can strengthen your employer profile, while gaining access to new, innovative skills.  Develop leaders among your employees while introducing your business to a new generation of engineers. 

Together, we secure Sweden's supply of skills.

Since 2012, over 6000 young people, half of whom are women, have completed internships through Tekniksprånget. We know today that Tekniksprånget gets more young people to apply for a higher technical education and motivates them, to a greater extent than their classmates, to successfully complete their studies.

Two young women walk down a flight of stairs.
citat tecken

It's such a sense of pride when they deliver their assignments with bravura. My interns have been able to hold real training courses and held a big final presentation for senior managers. To then be able to sit in the room and see them succeed is magic!

Quote from supervisor survey Autumn 2023