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Supervisor introductions

Now you have the chance to sign up for our appreciated workshops for supervisors.

Will you be a supervisor in the spring of 2024?

For 90 minutes, we focus on giving you the tools to create a good internship for a young person who has little or perhaps no work experience.

What should you keep in mind? What is the best way to prepare? What do you do if you run into problems? Also take the opportunity to meet other supervisors within Tekniksprånget who can share their thoughts and knowledge regarding supervision. We only offer the introduction digitally through webinars.

Tekniksprånget's workshops for supervisors are held before the start of the internship period, in January and August, respectively. In order for the workshop to be rewarding for all participants, we have a minimum requirement of 5 registered participants for the event to take place.

  >All of this spring's supervisor introductions are fully booked. <

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