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Rules and regulations for offering internships

Offering internships through Tekniksprånget can really be a boost for the organization, but what about rules, responsibilities and agreements? You can read more here.

What does an internship mean?

Within the framework of Tekniksprånget, an internship means that you get to try out a job that is as close to the engineering profession as possible. The idea is that young adults will get to feel what it's like to work as an engineer for real. Of course, they do not have the skills and qualifications that the profession requires when they have just finished high school, but it is still important that they are challenged and inspired during their internship. 

Why should you accept interns?

As a company, there are several reasons to welcome technology leapers.

  1. It strengthens your brand among young people.
  2. It is an actual resource to put work and responsibility on.
  3. It is a chance to develop leaders among employees in fun and inspiring ways.
  4. You will have the opportunity to inspire and influence young people's choices.
  5. You strengthen Sweden's long-term skills supply.

How long does the internship last?

Internships through Tekniksprånget last for four months. In the spring term, this means roughly from January/February to May/June and in the autumn from September until Christmas. 

What does it cost to have interns?

The salary level for 2024 is SEK 18,182 and employer's contributions will be added.

The wage level is agreed between employers' organisations and trade unions, and employers who do not have a collective agreement are expected to follow the current wage level.

What responsibilities do I have for the trainees?

It is you as an employer who has work environment responsibility for your interns. You also have a responsibility to inform about what applies to holidays, leaves and holiday compensation. Remember to be extra clear, as the internship can be many people's first contact with working life.

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