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We believe in competency-based recruitment. We've put together a guide to help you avoid common pitfalls and create a positive process for both candidate and employer.

Picture of three young people working with a computer in a machine room.

We hope this guide can be a support to you who recruit and perhaps give new ideas on how your recruitment processes can be made more efficient, competency-based and unbiased. Once you've moved forward in the process and it's time to interview candidates, there's a handy template for that too. See all documents at the bottom of the page.

Remember to handle all data according to GDPR. Participating employers who receive personal data via Tekniksprånget are responsible for ensuring that the personal data is processed in accordance with GDPR. 

Recruiting technology leapers

Once you have logged in to the application portal, it is easy to get an overview of which candidates have applied to you by going to your advertisement and the "My applicants" tab. You can sort by how they prioritized their choices and it's up to you to decide how you want to proceed – some do phone interviews, others group interviews or separate interviews. The last day to recruit for the autumn semester is 17 June and for the spring semester 17 December.

If you want to mark candidates you are interested in in the portal, mark "Book interview" or write a comment in the field "Notes employer", don't forget to save (no other employer can see which candidates you have selected). Once you have decided who you want to recruit, you sign an agreement with the intern and then you press "Hire" on their application in the portal. Then the person disappears as searchable for the other employers.

Some valuable tips!

  • Don't wait until the last minute to start the selection. Young people are applying to several employers, so you should quickly get in touch with those you are interested in.
  • Have a reserve list of candidates as some applicants are admitted to the university on a waiting list or receive other offers.
  • If the grades are important, you should ask the candidates to show them as we see that the young people sometimes state merit points even if we have clearly written that the grades should be exclusive of merit points.
  • From experience, we know that it is best if the supervisor is given the opportunity to participate in the recruitment of their intern.