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Moved 70 miles for the internship

Alva Skyttner, 19, and Unni Thurdin, 20, have both moved far to make Tekniksprånget in a completely different place. "You learn so much, not just about working life, but about yourself. That will be useful to me when I continue my studies. Then I've done this once," says Alva Skyttner.

Unni Thurdin and Alva Skyttner.
Unni Thurdin and Alva Skyttner have both moved far to make Tekniksprånget in another location

The family was a little surprised when Alva Skyttner packed up and headed 700 km south. She could have ended up anywhere in Sweden when she was looking for an internship. She mostly focused on what she was interested in and most of the exciting employers were far away from her home district in Hälsingland. In the end, she fell in love with Alvesta municipality and their advertisement for community building.

"People have changed trains in Alvesta, that's pretty much what they know about the city," says Alva Skyttner. But the tasks at the Planning Department sounded interesting.

200 km away in a north-westerly direction sits Unni Thurdin. For her, it was different; She is from Sundsvall but already felt that she wanted to go to Gothenburg. She has also thought about studying Chalmers and when friends recommended Tekniksprånget there, she jumped at the chance.

"You get an insight into the university. We have quite a lot of freedom to sneak in to lectures," says Unni Thurdin. It is also interesting to talk to others, such as doctoral students, about tips.

The fact that it is only a matter of four months is something they both see as positive.

Had it been a matter of a year, the choice to move would not have been as obvious, but four months felt like a perfect try-out period. Alva Skyttner also received help to find housing as she did an internship at the municipality. It was a one-room apartment in central Alvesta.

"I've learned that I like to cook, and that it's fine to live on my own, clean, shop and pay bills," she says.

The uncertainty of something new can also be the fun, says Unni Thurdin.

"Just dare. It's fun to discover things, like find out where the nearest grocery store is, see the fun in it.