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Volvo – first to 500 technology leapers

500 technology leapers! That's a huge number. Volvo is a big company, but still. Ever since Tekniksprånget started in 2012, Volvo Group has participated in several locations in Sweden: Gothenburg, Borås, Skövde and Umeå, to name a few.

Lennart, Klara and Johanna
Lennart, Klara and Johanna

One of those who has received and been the supervisor of the most technology leapers is Lennart Cider. He thinks that the experience and lessons that young people gain during the internship are enough to constitute a quota for admission to the university.

Right now, Johanna Wising is testing life as an engineer at Volvo in Lundby in Gothenburg. Before the internship, she was not at all interested in technology, but now she feels that the engineering profession can be an option. Getting something real to put on the merit list is one of the real benefits of the internship, she says.
"You really get a real experience of what it's like to be in working life," says Johanna Wising.

In 2014, Lennart Cider was the supervisor of another technology pioneer: Klara Pålsson. She has now come full circle, from internship to mechanical engineer and is a supervisor herself.
"Tekniksprånget gave me a very good experience, but above all a very good reference. Very few people have the privilege of having real work experience when you're 19 years old," says Klara Pålsson.