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Turning data to actionable insights

Subtonomy was founded in 2012 by four experienced professionals with over 50 years of experience from mobile operators and leading software companies operating in telecom. The ambition since its inception has been to create the coolest applications; the applications that the founders dreamed of realizing in previous roles. Through strategic partnerships with several mobile operators, Subtonomy has been given the opportunity to do just that. The result is products that are adapted to the operators’ processes and functions, which significantly impacts customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Would you love to do an Internship and work with the latest technology like Scala, Java and Apache Spark? Then apply to Subtonomy in Stockholm!
As an internship junior developer at Subtonomy, you will be given that chance to learn the ABC of software development, databases and programming. You will be part of the DevOps team for four months where you’ll learn how Scrum and agile sprint development works. You’ll will have the chance to yourself participate in programming assignment and software development, that will become part of Subtonomy’s software suite.

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