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This is Tekniksprånget

Find the next generation of engineers

Tekniksprånget is a four-month paid internship programme intended to inspire and motivate more young people to study engineering. The internship gives them an insight into what being an engineer means and a vision for their future studies. The programme takes place twice a year (autumn/spring).

Meet your future recruitment needs and at the same time strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness with us. It's an opportunity to strengthen your image as an attractive employer for young talent and a chance to impact young people's choices. Develope leadership skills among your coworkers in a way that stimulates innovation and change.

Why Tekniksprånget?

The rapid development of technology has dramatically changed the conditions in the job market. The need for technical knowledge and expertise has never been greater and the competition for engineers is getting tougher. To meet future challenges and recruitment needs, more young people need to study for an engineering degree. This is where Tekniksprånget comes in.

Who can apply?

Tekniksprånget is aimed at students (18–21 years of age) who have completed an upper secondary science/technology programme and are qualified to apply for a higher education engineering programme.

Kvinna står mot kameran och ler, bakom henne finns stora maskiner

Tekniksprånget makes a difference

Since 2012 more than 6 000 young people have completed internships through Tekniksprånget. Today we know that Tekniksprånget makes more young people apply to study for a degree in engineering and motivates them to graduate.

Becoming a partner

Why you should join

As a Tekniksprånget partner you have the chance to impact young people’s choices and forge valuable relationships with the workforce of the future. You choose how many and who you want to offer an internship to. Our participating partners range from IT start ups to multinational industrial corporations and government agencies.